Segmented Media Delivery Mode

Set the Mode to optimize delivery based on your media format: On Demand or Live.

How it works

In addition to optimizing based on your selected Mode, this behavior also automatically adjusts the Time-to-Live (TTL) of your manifest for that Mode. Once the TTL expires, Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) will check your origin for an updated manifest. This helps to ensure the delivery of your most up-to-date content.


If you've set additional caching rules or behaviors in your property for your content, they take precedence. See Learn about caching for more details.

This behavior is required in the Default Rule within an AMD property. An error message is revealed if you delete it, and you'll need to re-add it. However, you can also include it in a child rule, which lets you override what's set in the Default Rule. This way, you can set different match criteria to be met to apply this behavior for specific requests.

Additional options are available, based on your selected Mode, and various caveats apply to their use. See the Adaptive Media Delivery documentation for more details.