Origin Base Path

With this behavior enabled, you can specify a directory path that is appended to requests for your origin.


If you change the origin’s base path, you’ll affect an existing cache key. Until the cache is resolved to sync with the new path, you may see a traffic spike at your origin server.

How it works

Let's assume that your origin is example.com. If you set the Origin Base Path behavior to /images/, your base path is updated to example.com/images/. Any request for a my_pics/home.jpg file resolves on the origin server to example.com/images/my_pics/home.jpg. The property configuration routes it to example.com/images/my_pics/home.jpg.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
ValueSpecifies the base path of content on your origin server. The value must begin and end with a slash / character, for example /parent/child/. You can use variables in this field.