Real-time Reporting

The Real-time Reporting behavior gathers reporting data for Akamai Cloud Embed (ACE) at near real-time latencies—typically, less than 15 minutes. This lets you generate related reports at an aggregation interval of one minute.

How it works

This behavior must be provisioned and added by your account representative who will then work with you to determine the applicable ACE base configuration, or create a new one to add this support. Once provisioned, you can view it as a behavior in that base configuration. (You can't edit the settings or remove this behavior. Only your account representative can do so.)

With provisioning completed and the behavior added, you can access real-time reports data for that base configuration from either ​Akamai Control Center​ or the Media Delivery Reports API.

  • Control Center. Go to > MEDIA > Media delivery reports, and then select Akamai Cloud Embed > Realtime from the menu.
  • Media Delivery Reports API. This gives you access to the Get Akamai Cloud Embed Real-time data operation in the API.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
Enable Real-time ReportingWhen enabled, you have access to Real-time reports for ACE, via Media delivery reports in Control Center or the Media Delivery Reports API. Reports data is available at a latency of under 15 minutes.
AdvancedOffers access to additional options.
Beacon Sampling PercentageWith Advanced set to On, you can access this function and decide how much of your overall ACE traffic should be polled to collect data. Your account representative can access and set this option to best address the capacity and limitations of the downstream systems that receive and process data for your real-time reports. (A capacity is set in an attempt to reliably deliver and process data at the expected 15 minute latency, for your environment.) If this isn't specifically set, the default is 10%.