Content Type

How does it work?

This criterion lets you match based on the Content-Typeheader value in the HTTP response.

There are limits to what you can do with response-based matches. Some features might have been applied at the client request stage and you can't override them with the response settings. Consider the following case: the edge server fetches the no-store content from the origin at the request stage. That means you can't turn off a property configuration's no-store setting with a response-based match.


You can select the following logical conditions:

Value The Rule is True When...
is one ofthe incoming request header includes any of the specified content types.
is not one ofthe incoming request header doesn't include any of the specified content types.


Select the Content-Type response header from the drop-down list. You can enter the value manually, for example text/html.


Wildcard Description Example
* matches zero or more charactersThe rule includes a match with content type text/*. Possible valid results are both text/html and text/css.
? matches a single characterThe rule includes a match with content type text/cs?. Possible valid result is text/css.

Additional options

  • Allow wildcards in value: When enabled, allows * and ? wildcard matches among the values, so that specifying text/* matches both text/html and text/css.

  • Value case sensitivity: If you select this option, the content type has to match the case of the entry.