Persistent Connections: Client to Edge

Persistent Connections (PConns) between a client and ​Akamai​ servers improves performance and utilizes server resources more efficiently.


This behavior is separate from Persistent Connections: Edge to Origin, which covers the connection between an ​Akamai​ edge server and your origin server.

How it works

This behavior maintains the TCP connection between the client and the edge server for longer periods of time, which results in removing the need for reestablishing a new connection if the browser stays idle for the timeout period. Persistent Connections are active by default and have a timeout period of 500 seconds.

Disabling this behavior or leaving the connection open excessively isn't recommended because it wastes valuable browser resources and open connections are more susceptible to attacks.


Persistent Connections: Client to Edge can only be added to your property by your ​Akamai​ account team, and you can't edit its settings yourself. If you need to change or disable it, talk to your account team to find out if this may affect your service.


HTTP/1.1 Only

This behavior is only supported for use with the HTTP/1.1 networking protocol which is automatically enabled in all Property Manager properties. If you've enabled HTTP/2 Support or HTTP/3 Support, a request using either of these protocols will be honored, but the settings applied in the Persistent Connections: Client to Edge behavior won't be applied. The HTTP/2 Support and HTTP/3 Support behaviors both offer persistent connections, which are automatically applied.