Activate on staging

You activate a configuration on Edge Staging Network (ESN) in order to test it against the origin—is this configuration correctly doing what you want, and is your origin site or application doing what you want in response to the configuration requests. In order to run tests against the configuration, you'll need to modify your origin DNS to include the Origin Server Hostname.

  1. If necessary, access the target property on ​Akamai Control Center​:

    a. Use the drop-down in the top right to select the ​Control Center​ account you used to create the property.

    b. Go to > CDN > Properties.

    c. Enter the name of your property in the Filter by Property or Hostname field.

    d. Click the Property Name to open it.

  2. Click the Version <#> for the property you want to activate.

  3. Click the Activate tab.

  4. Click Activate v# on Staging. In the Staging Network Activation pop-up, verify the activation settings:

    • Fast Activation. To speed up activation, ensure this is set to On.
    • Validation details. Any warnings carried over from the configuration will be displayed here. You can click Cancel and edit the configuration to acknowledge them.
    • Override block of hostname moves. ​Akamai​ applies a temporary block on a hostname that's been moved, in order to check its validity. Enabling this skips this temporary block, for example if you've just moved your property from another account. Note that this can increase the number of hits to your origin server.
    • Notes. You can include a description of this version's activation.
    • Notify via email. This defaults to the email address set for the active ​Control Center​ user. You can change it or add more. Separate multiple addresses with a comma (",").
  5. Click Activating v<#> on Staging.

  6. With Fast Activation, your property should be ready in the estimated activation time, but typically no longer than 15 minutes. Now, you can:

    • Monitor. Watch for updates on the status bar to track progress
    • View Details. This lets you review settings and information regarding the property.
    • Wait for the confirmation email. Any email set in Notify via email will get an email when the activation is complete.


You can cancel an activation at any point until the property version fully propagates to our network. Canceling reverts the property to its last active version (if applicable).

  1. Review the validation results. If there are any errors, you need to resolve these to be able to proceed, but you can activate a property version that yields less severe warnings.