Random Seek

This behavior enables seeking in a progressive media download of FLV or MP4 files using the aktimeoffset query string. If you want users to seek with the Range header only, you don't need this behavior in the property.

How it works

Random Seek feature provides end users with stream-like behavior by allowing them to jump to any point in the playback timeline independent of the degree to which the content has downloaded. When the Random Seek behavior is enabled, clients can seek the files with the aktimeoffset query string. The edge servers convert the time offsets into byte offsets to deliver content from the requested point in the video. For more details, see Akamai Random Seek User Guide.

When this feature is disabled, the edge server ignores time offsets submitted in the request.


Random Seek works best with Large File Optimization enabled.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
FLVEnables or disables random seek optimization for FLV files.
MP4Enables or disables random seek optimization for MP4 files.
Max File SizeWith the MP4 option enabled, sets the maximum size of the MP4 file to optimize, expressed as a number suffixed with a unit string such as MB or GB.