Custom Behavior

Custom behaviors let you reuse advanced metadata in Property Manager configurations across your account.

How it works

Work with your account representative to identify reusable code blocks in the Advanced behaviors section of your property configurations. Once identified, your account representative creates a custom behavior that you can add to other property configurations in your account.

If you want to remove a custom behavior from your account, inform your account representative.


Removing a custom behavior from the account doesn't remove it from where it's configured. Removing the custom behavior from the account only locks the active instances of the behavior in any configurations where they appear.

To remove an instance of a custom behavior that was deleted at the account level, contact your account representative.

Features and options

FieldWhat it does
BehaviorSelect the predefined custom behavior you want to insert into the current rule.
Description of the custom behaviorShort description of the behavior. This field is read-only.
Metadata XMLThe metadata XML of the behavior. This field is read-only.