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Global Traffic Management (GTM) is a cloud-based intelligent traffic manager that supports business continuity and your growing user base and uses load balancing to manage website and mobile performance demands.

GTM helps Internet users access your website or IP applications with greater reliability. It applies an Internet-centric approach to global load balancing to increase site availability and responsiveness to online user requests. Unlike traditional hardware-based solutions that reside within data centers, the fault-tolerant GTM service makes intelligent routing decisions. These are based on real-time data center performance health and on global Internet conditions. They transport user requests to the appropriate data center based on the best Internet route for that user at that moment.

In this document, the term end user represents those who generate the traffic that the site administrators, project managers, and technical support providers are using GTM to manage. The term you refers to site administrators, project managers, and technical support providers, the roles most commonly responsible for managing GTM.

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