Work with GTM alerts

Alerts provide automatic, real-time notification for changes in your origin infrastructure and information delivery patterns.

Configuring GTM alerts

Use these instructions to configure alerts for GTM. You can set these alerts at the domain or property level.

  1. Log in to ​Control Center​.

  2. Go to > COMMON SERVICES > Alerts. The Alerts page opens.

  3. Click Create new alert. The Create new alert page opens.

  4. From the View alert types for menu, select Traffic Management.

  5. Choose the desired alert type from these options by clicking the radio button adjacent to it. Optionally, you can enter an alert type in the Filter alert types text box. A brief description of the alert type opens.

    • All Customer Servers for a Property Down. Triggers when all of the servers configured to serve a particular property are found to be down. This may mean a denial of service for that property.

    • Customer Data Center Down. Triggers when GTM decides not to send any traffic to the data center because the servers in the data center do not meet its liveness criteria. See Determine Server Liveness.

    • Customer Server IP in Multiple Regions. Indicates that a customer IP is configured as existing in more than one region, or data center.

    • Customer Server Removed from Rotation. Triggers when GTM decides that a server does not meet its liveness criteria, and has therefore removed it from rotation. This alert is not applicable for data centers using Cloud Server Targeting. Use the Customer Data Center Down alert for Cloud Server Targeting.

    • Load Object File Invalid or Cannot be Fetched. Notifies you when one of the data center load object files for a particular domain cannot be fetched, usually because it cannot be found, it is in an invalid format, or it is missing required information. The alert only applies to load feedback domains.

    • Load Object File Is Stale. Notifies you when one of the data center load object files for a particular domain has not been refreshed for a certain amount of time. The alert only applies to load feedback domains.

  6. Click Next to configure the selected alert.

Click the HELP button from the Alerts page for detailed instructions about how to configure alerts.

Control Center event alert

​Control Center​ Event alert notifies you when configuration or provisioning changes are made in ​Control Center​. Such changes include a revision to a valid domain, the uploading or activation of a configuration file, or a change to a user's permissions.