Performance with load feedback

Load Feedback is a method by which GTM can get real-time information about the load on your data centers to improve its load balancing. It can provide more accurate load balancing than other methods, but needs careful configuration, and requires that you build a load object that reports load feedback resource data to GTM periodically.

GTM uses information on the data center's current load, target load, and maximum capacity to optimize traffic to ensure that all data centers have a current load below the target load, if possible, and to prevent current load from exceeding capacity.

We recommend that you adhere to the following Load Feedback basic principles.

  • Load values must react instantly to the changes in traffic balancing that GTM makes.

  • Load must decrease when traffic volume decreases, and increase when traffic volume increases.

  • Load values must not change except in response to traffic directed to the data center by GTM for that property.