View traffic distribution targets

The GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard provides a view of all dynamic and static property types configured for a specified domain. For a selected domain, a separate Dynamic Properties tab and Static Properties tab displays the configuration details for each named property. Dynamic Properties identifies the data center targets of each named property type. Static Properties displays the Map name, Property, Target, and Handout CNAME for CIDR Maps, Geographic Maps, and AS Maps.

The GTM Traffic Distribution page provides access to these configuration options.

You can use this procedure to view the traffic distribution for a specific domain.

  1. Log in to ‚ÄčControl Center‚Äč.

  2. Go to ‚ėį > DNS SOLUTIONS > Global Traffic Management. The Traffic Management Domains page opens.

  3. In the Domain column, click a domain name. The domain page opens.

  4. In the Property column, click a property. The property page opens.

  5. In the Traffic Distributions Target dialog, you can take these actions.

    • Click Show All Details to view the details of the property's target servers.

    • Click Add New Target to designate another data center as a target.

    • Click Set as Primary to designate a primary server.

To access the GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard and for descriptions of the information it displays, see Manage GTM domains.