Convert from a default certificate to a custom certificate (LA)

Follow these steps if you need to update your property from using a default certificate (secure by default) to using a custom certificate, instead.


If you need to use a new custom certificate, set it up, first. It can take from 3-6 hours to complete, based on the level of security.

  1. In the Property Manager Editor, in the Property Hostnames panel, select the hostname and click Edit.

  2. Switch Automatically request certificates to Off.

  3. Select the desired custom certificate from the list.

  4. Click Next. The list displays the edge hostname.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Read the instructions in the Success message, and click Close when you are done.

Next steps

This process applies to an existing property that you edit to make this change. To apply it, you also need to perform the following steps:


You have three days

The old certificate will stop working in three days. Make sure that you complete these steps within those three days.

  1. Activate your updated property on the staging network.

  2. Test it thoroughly.

  3. Activate the property on the production network to go live with the changes.

  4. You'll need to add new CNAME records for the edge hostnames to your DNS, if any of these apply:

    • If your custom certificate is a VIP certificate, update the CNAME record. You can't use the existing CNAME.

    • If you changed the network between Standard TLS and Enhanced TLS, add the new CNAME records for these edge hostnames to your DNS.