Troubleshoot EAA Client

For any issues with EAA Client, copy the user name, EAA Client version, OS version, IdP name and save logs after you set the verbosity to high. Next, contact support.

Troubleshoot port conflict error

Debug port conflict error. When an application on a computer uses a local port, and a client-access tcp-type application also uses the same port, there is a port conflict. When you run diagnostics, you get the port conflict error:

Configuration is invalid or has a port conflict
Synchronize your configuration again or contact your administrator 

To resolve the issue, perform sync. If the error still persists, you have a port conflict. To debug further, contact support.

Troubleshoot stuck in connecting state

If you installed and configured the EAA Client, but the EAA Client icon remains in trying to connect state 10p connecting icon run diagnostics and check there is network connectivity. If you have network connectivity, and if the network type is Captive portal, authenticate with the captive portal web page. The EAA Client icon should change to connected state. If it remains in connecting state, run diagnostics again, and contact support.

Troubleshoot stuck in connecting state after MacOS upgrade

With the upgrade the MacOS the EAA Client icon changes to trying to connect state 10p connecting icon and remains in this state. This happens because the tunnel may not be configured properly. To troubleshoot open the Terminal and run the command:

sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/net.eaacloop.wapptunneld.plist

Next, reboot the computer. EAA Client should launch properly and the EAA Client icon should change to connected state.

Troubleshoot websocket handshake failure

The EAA Client uses websockets to securely communicate with the Enterprise Application Access Cloud. Users who have problems with EAA Client use, can set high verbosity level in EAA Client and check for alerts in EAA Client. If they get Websocket handshake failed message, they should inform you about it. To troubleshoot it, contact support.

Troubleshoot unexpected logout

When you block users from accessing client applications, their EAA Client goes from connected state to not connected state (unexpectedly for these users). If the unexpected state change happens to a user who is not blocked by you they should contact support.

Restart EAA Client from a sleep mode

If your device goes to sleep, the EAA Client automatically logs you out of the identity provider (IdP) portal page. When you log in again, the EAA Client goes from the not connected state to the connected state. It can take up to 30 seconds.

If authorization does not run automatically, log in through the EAA Client settings or login from EAA contextual menu. This authenticates the user again and the authentication succeeded message appears.

Troubleshoot connector health issues

Check the health of the connector you use for your applications on the connector card. The EAA connector card helps you troubleshoot the connector issues, and directly access applications, directories associated with the connector. If your connector has high load, you can improve the connector health by reducing the load.

Troubleshoot application access, ACL, and network connectivity issues

Use User diagnostics portal to troubleshoot user application access issues, ACL and authorization violation issues, and network connectivity issues.