Directory Versioning

Directory configuration versioning

After you create a directory and save it, it gets implicitly deployed in EAA and is the initial deployed version. As you make more changes and save it, it is visible as different versions in the history tab of the directory detail page.


This feature helps you track which configurations are deployed, who deployed them, when it was deployed, and see any comments you provided while deploying the version for a directory.

It is supported for AD, LDAP, and AD LDS types of directories in EAA.

In addition, you can compare configuration between two versions and revert back to older versions.

The versioning of directory configurations is based on this state diagram:


Every time you create and save a directory it gets implicitly deployed and is in the Deployed state. It gets a version number under Version in the History with deployment comments. If you make any further edits to a deployed version, the latest version goes to Deployed state and the previous version goes to Archived state.

Compare configurations of two versions

You can do a side-by-side comparison of the configurations of any two versions of a directory. It shows the changes you have made in the configurations, which sections have changes, and who (admin’s email is shown) has made the changes.

  1. Log in to Enterprise Center.
  2. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Application Access > Identity & Users > Directories.
    3.Select the directory
  3. Click the History tab in the directory details page.
  4. On the History page, click the Compare version icon in the row you want to compare. By default that version is compared against the deployed version. It shows the total number of differences between the two versions. You can also select any other versions from the two dropdowns, click Compare, to compare them. If you click on the section, you can see the details of what was changed and who made the changes. You can view only the changes between the two versions by checking Only changes or deselect Only changes to see the entire two versions. The differences are highlighted between the two versions.
  5. If you want to revert back to an older version, click Revert to this version, verify that the older version is the correct one, and for the Revert directory configuration dialog box, select Yes. The reverted version will become the latest deployed version.



  1. SCIM directory, EAA Cloud Directory is not supported.
  2. Directory user groups operations like add users, delete users, and update users are not tracked in the history when you compare versions.