EAA can be used to provide secure access to different types of applications used by your organization.

First, you would need an account in Control Center and administrator rights. If you don't have an account yet, contact your sales representative. With this, you can log in to Enterprise Center from ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč. After you finish this easy set up, you can immediately start-off with Get started with Bookmark Application.

To configure a more real-world practical application, you would need at least one instance of a connector as a virtual machine (VM) in your environment. You can learn this in Get started with Web Application along with configuring a HTTPS application.

Lastly, if you plan securely access a client-access application on an end-user's laptop, you would need to additionally set up and configure the EAA Client software on the end-user's laptop top, create a TCP-type client access application, create access-control lists (ACLs) and apply device posture policies to access your TCP-type client access application. You can learn this in Get started with TCP-type client-access Application

To use a simple-to-complex learning approach, start with the Get started with Bookmark Application, then learn the Get started with Web Application, and finally do the Get started with TCP-type client-access Application.

To learn the most popularly configured use-case jump to Get started with Web Application.

Enjoy your learning journey!