Login portal tab name

Customize the Login Portal tab name in the browser

The default name of the tab in the browser for the login portal of the IdP is Login.

login portal tab name default

If your organization has many identity providers (IdPs), you can customize the tab name to distinguish which IdP login portal has been launched. You can change the tab name for each of the languages you set.

In this example, the Page title in the customization tab of the IdP configuration settings has been set to MyCompany. As a result, the IdP tab name appears as:

login portal tab name custom

  1. Log in to Enterprise Center.

  2. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Application Access > Identity & Users > Identity Providers.

  3. Select the identity provider that you want to configure.

  4. Select Login Portal.

  5. To change tab name:

    a. Click Add Language (+).

    a. Select your Language.

  6. In Page title type the text that you want to appear as a tab name for the portal.

  7. Click Save Language Changes.

  8. To finish your work later click Save and keep your changes hidden.

  9. Deploy the identity provider.