Set up CNAME redirect for an application

To have users access an application with a URL that is customized to your domain, you need to set up a new canonical name (CNAME) record redirect in your origin domain name system (DNS) record. This directs requests for external hostnames to EAA edge servers, which are configured to process those requests.

Work with your domain's DNS provider to update your origin DNS records with the new CNAME record for the external hostname. Point the external hostname of your application to the URL provided by Enterprise Application Access (EAA).

  1. Log in to Enterprise Center.

  2. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Application Access > Applications > Applications.

  3. In Internal Host enter your external hostname.
    The external hostname is the part of the external URL that comes before your company domain name. For example, If the external URL is, the external hostname is apache and the company domain name is The upstream URL for this application is

  4. Select your domain or an EAA domain for your external hostname.

  5. Enter the external URL.

  6. In your CNAME record, point to the upstream URL.