Tips for improving performance with EAA

Customer deployments of EAA are quite unique and vary widely depending on their environments.

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. For every application configuration, check that the CloudZone selected is the closest to the physical location of the Connector. The default setting for the CloudZone is US-West and this might not be the most efficient if your connector is located in some other geographical location.
  2. Avoid mixing connector locations when you have multiple connectors for load balancing. Follow these guidelines when you choose the connectors:
  • Using the connectors located in the same data center (on-prem or public cloud like AWS, Azure, GCP regions) or the same city is the best option.
  • If the same data center or same city is not possible, then both connectors should have the same network distance to the CloudZone.

If the network distance from the connectors to the CloudZone is quite different, performance and user experience may be impacted.
3. Tunnel-type client-access applications may perform better without TCP optimization. If your end-user reports slow performance, you may want to disable TCP optimization in your application and synchronize the EAA Client to apply the changes to EAA Client on the end user's machine. You can create two different applications, one with TCP optimization enabled and another with the disabled setting, and perform A/B testing and benchmark the performance.
4. Some applications, like the Windows Enterprise application published by Microsoft, have complex authentication mechanisms with fallbacks that can hurt performance.
If the authentication relies on DNS (Kerberos, SRV query...) make sure you configure Enterprise DNS properly so the primary authentication is immediately applied. Perform a packet capture on the device itself to debug further.
5. Monitor the health and performance of your connector by checking the load indicator in connector health monitoring.
6. If the users are scattered all around the globe, consider adding Akamai Acceleration. Feel free to contact your account representative for more information about Acceleration with EAA.