Customize EAA Logout Page

By default, when the end-user logs out of an application, he is directed to the Login Page to enter his credentials. If you want the end-user to be redirected to the EAA Logout page you can use this procedure. You can also learn to customize the message on the Logout Page. You can also redirect the user to a specific logout URL. This feature works with the Akamai identity provider only.

  1. Log in to Enterprise Center.

  2. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Application Access > Identity & Users > Identity Providers.

  3. Select the identity provider that you want to configure.

  4. In Settings > Advanced set On Logout to Logout Page. This will allow an authenticated end-user to be redirected to the EAA Logout page when he logs out. By default, it is set to Login Page. You can also provide a custom logout URL. See Logout Redirect Options.

  5. Click Preview or Login Portal tab. Preview the EAA Logout Page with the default theme. You can either use the default version or customize it.

  6. In the Images section, upload a logo, background image, and favicon for your organization.

  7. To customize the logout message on EAA Logout Page:

Click Add language (+ symbol) and select a language.

Update these values:
a. Logout message. Add a custom logout message.
b. Click the Save Language Changes, if done.

  1. Click Save and Deploy to deploy the identity provider.