Configure RDP client display settings

Configure and deploy a remote desktop (RDP) application.

In Enterprise Application Access (EAA) users can view and configure display settings in the remote desktop portal (RDP).

Click the remote desktop icon for the available settings:

  • Display. Adjust the display height, width, color, and time.

  • Audio. Configure audio to play on the remote desktop, local desktop, or not at all. Audio plays in the remote desktop setting also depends on the client configuration settings configured for the remote desktop application.

  • Keyboard. Select the language for the keyboard.

  • Additional RDP client settings. Enable additional client settings such as menu and window animation.

  1. Click the pulsing computer icon.

  2. Click Settings.
    The Remote Desktop Settings dialog appears.

  3. To adjust RDP client display settings configure the following:

    1. In Display settings enter the desktop height and width in pixels into the provided fields.

    2. In Color depth select the resolution you want.

    3. In Time Zone select your time zone.

    4. Select Disable remote cursor to disable the cursor on the remote desktop.

  4. To allow keyboard shortcuts, enable keyboard shortcuts.
    Buttons for keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift appear on the user interface.

  5. Click Save & Reconnect.

  6. To modify RDP client Advanced Settings select one of the following options for the Audio from the remote desktop menu:

    • Play on this computer
    • Do not play
    • Play on remote computer
    1. In Quality select the quality you want for the audio settings.

    2. In Keyboard select a language for the keyboard.

    3. For the list of RDP client settings, enable any of the preferred settings.

    4. Click Save & Reconnect.

  7. To reset the RDP client display to its default settings click the Reset and refresh your browser.