Silent install of EAA Client (Ubuntu)

  1. Download the latest EAA Client package for Ubuntu from ​Akamai​ download links:<version>-linux-amd64.deb
  2. Open the terminal and go to the location where you downloaded the EAA Client package.

  3. Run the command:

sudo dpkg -i EAAClient-<version>-linux-amd64.deb

The client installs silently on the computer.

  1. You can create the idp.ini file in the /opt/wapp directory of the system and enter url = in case they want to auto-seed after installation.



EAA Client does not support of these additional flags for Ubuntu installation:


Switching to a different identity provider after a silent install

In Linux, the user or the admin creates the idp.ini file in the /opt/wapp directory manually. The content of the file should be the following: url =

idp.ini file location: /opt/wapp/idp.ini

If you installed EAA Client in another location, search for idp.ini inside */EAAClient/ folder.
The idp.ini file has the URL of the identity provider portal.

For the silent install command, for the –url option, if you provide as the IdP_portal_URL, the idp.ini file contains this string:

url =

Users with admin rights can follow this procedure to allow EAA Client to configure another identity provider portal.

For example, to configure to

  1. Open the idp.ini file, replace the old URL with the new URL, and save it.

For example, update as: url = and save the file.

  1. Perform a reset.

  2. Start the EAA Client. Click the EAA Client icon > Open EAA Client.

  3. Configure EAA Client.
    This configures EAA Client to the new identity provider.