Reports help to troubleshoot and debug user's issues. You can monitor who accessed what application, or when it was accessed, view the SSH sessions with all keystrokes, check EAA Client applications errors, client details, gather data like top applications, users, failed login, and get audit logs on configuration and system changes.
Generate reports to view application access and admin events log data during a specified time period. For Enterprise Application Access (EAA) there are several types of reports available in Reports > Activity:

  • PRESET REPORTS. Select a predefined report. These reports are set for common search criteria like login failure details, top OS browsers, or vulnerable clients.

  • APPLICATION ACCESS. Create this report to see the log and event data for an application. Select specific data that you want to check for your application (for example, application name and URL, username, OS and browser of the user who accessed or attempted access to the application, or login events and general errors that occurred).

  • ADMIN EVENTS. Shows EAA administrators' login, configuration, and system events triggered by them.

  • SSH AUDIT. Logs all keystrokes and SSH commands executed for a SSH application.


If you were using an EAA Client version 2.0.x, and when the EAA Client is upgraded to 2.1.0 or later, devices will be associated with a new device ID (akamai-device-id). The EAA reports which include the old device ID (akamai-device-id) resulting in inaccurate statistics until the old device ID is purged after 90 days.