Enable iFrame embedding

You can customize EAA Login Portal with features such as a custom login page with an out-of-band password reset functionality or others that EAA does not support. For these customizations enable iFrame embedding and enter the embedded URL into the identity provider (IdP) advanced settings.

  1. Log in to EAA Management Portal.

  2. In the EAA Management Portal navigation menu, select Identity > Identity providers.

  3. Select the identity provider that you want to configure.

  4. In Settings > ADVANCED SETTINGS select Allow IFRAME embedding to embed this Login Portal in an iFrame.


    A warning message appears that informs about that if you enable this feature it can make your organization susceptible to clickjacking attacks. Click Ok or ignore the message.

  5. In Embedded URL enter a URL.

  6. Click Save and go to the deployment.
    To finish your work later click Save and Exit and keep your changes hidden.

  7. Deploy the identity provider.