Install Akamai PowerShell to manage Akamai services with a single toolset

The Akamai PowerShell module provides a consistent interface with which to manage Akamai's product API.

What's new

We've completely refactored our PowerShell module to expand service availability and improve functionality.

  • Customizable installation. Built using a submodule approach that groups commands by product or service, giving you the ability to install only what you need.

  • Updated function structure. Use of PowerShell standard verbs to provide consistency and improve pipeline support.

  • Improved help. Clear function and parameter descriptions.


Note: Because v2 is a completely different module, there is no upgrade path. The two modules are incompatible and clash where command names are the same. To use v2, uninstall v1 and then install this module.

Install the full module or customize your install with specific submodules.

  • Install the full module.

    Install-Module Akamai
  • Install individual submodules.

    Note: Custom installs load only

    Install-Module Akamai.<submodule-name>