Commands and help

Get a list of commands or information about a command and its syntax.


Use Get-Command alone or with a verb filter to get a list of installed cmdlets, aliases, functions, filters, scripts, and applications.

# Get all commands related to "imagemanager"
Get-Command -Module AkamaiPowershell *imagemanager*

# Get all Set commands related to "imagemanager"
Get-Command -Module AkamaiPowershell set*imagemanager*
# Get all imagemanager commands
CommandType Name Version Source
----------- ---- ------- ------
Alias Get-ImageManagerImageCollections 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Alias Get-ImageManagerImages 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Alias Get-ImageManagerPolicies 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Get-ImageManagerImage 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Get-ImageManagerImageCollection 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Get-ImageManagerImageCollectionHistory 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Get-ImageManagerPolicy 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Get-ImageManagerPolicyHistory 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function List-ImageManagerImageCollections 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function List-ImageManagerImages 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function List-ImageManagerPolicies 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function New-ImageManagerPolicy 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Remove-ImageManagerImageCollection 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Remove-ImageManagerPolicy 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Rollback-ImageManagerPolicy 1.8.0 akamaipowershell 
Function Set-ImageManagerPolicy 1.8.0 akamaipowershell

# Get all Set imagemanager commands
CommandType Name Version Source
----------- ---- ------- ------
Function Set-ImageManagerPolicy 1.8.0 akamaipowershell


Use Get-Help followed by a command to see its details and syntax.

# Get syntax and any details for the Set-ImageManagerPolicy command
Get-Help Set-ImageManagerPolicy
PS C:\code\AkamaiPowershell> Get-Help Set-ImageManagerPolicy
 Set-ImageManagerPolicy -PolicySetAPIKey <string> -PolicyID <string> -Network {Staging | Production} -Policy  <Object> [-ContractID <string>]
 [-RolloutDuration <int>] [-EdgeRCFile <string>] [-Section <string>] [-AccountSwitchKey <string>]  [<CommonParameters>]
 Set-ImageManagerPolicy -PolicySetAPIKey <string> -PolicyID <string> -Network {Staging | Production} -Body  <string> [-ContractID <string>]
 [-EdgeRCFile <string>] [-Section <string>] [-AccountSwitchKey <string>] [<CommonParameters>]



See the reference section for help files.

Field Description
NAME The full name of the command.
SYNTAX The entire command string starting with the command name followed by required and optional parameters.

  • Any parameter outside of brackets is required.
  • Parameters inside brackets are optional.
  • Enum or set values for a parameter are inside braces separated by a pipe.
  • When there is more than one way to use the command, the command will be repeated with another set of options.
ALIASES Any alternate name for the command. For example, fl for Format-List.
REMARKS Any additional notes about the command.