Cloudlets are applications at the edge of the content delivery platform. Each Cloudlet helps to solve specific challenges and bring your site's business logic closer to your customer.

Use cases

Use the PowerShell module to create and manage your Cloudlet policies and load balancer configurations.

Quick reference

Commands here are limited to basic actions most commonly used. Use Get-Command or Get-Help with Policy, Policies, Cloudlets, or LoadBalancer to get a comprehensive list of what's available.

If needed, all commands take parameters for the location and section of your .edgerc authentication file.


Command Description
Non-shared, Cloudlets API v2
List-CloudletPolicies Returns all policies. Pagination is automatic. May make several calls to get a complete list.
List-CloudletPolicyVersions Returns versions for a given policy ID. You can also add on an -IncludeRules switch to return rules.
Get-CloudletPolicyVersion Returns rules for a given version of a policy.
Shared, Cloudlets API v3
List-SharedCloudletPolicies Returns all policies. Pagination is automatic. May make several calls to get a complete list.
List-SharedCloudletPolicyVersions Returns versions for a given policy ID.
Get-SharedCloudletPolicyVersion Returns rules for a given policy ID.

Load balancer

Command Description
Create load balancer configuration or new version
New-CloudletLoadBalancer Creates a new load balancer without a configuration.
New-CloudletLoadBalancingVersion Versions existing load balancer configuration.
Get load balancer configurations
List-CloudletConditionalOrigins Returns all load balancer configurations.
List-CloudletLoadBalancingVersions Returns a list of versions for a given origin ID.
Get-CloudletLoadBalancingVersion Returns a configuration for a given version by number or latest.
List-CloudletLoadBalancingActivations Lists all load balancing activations.
Update load balancer configuration version
Set-CloudletLoadBalancingVersion Updates settings for a load balancer configuration that's never been activated.
Activate load balancer configuration
Activate-CloudletLoadBalancingVersion Activate a configuration on the staging or production network.