Identity & Access

Create and manage user access, credentials, and profile settings using cascading access and permissions with your account, contracts, and groups.

  • Your Akamai account determines what products and services you can access.
  • The contracts for your account combine products and services that are meant to work together.
  • Parent groups created for your contracts begin the organization and management of work given to different teams within your company.
  • Child groups nest within your parent groups to scope user access to their tasks.

Common uses

This guide limits discussion to the basic actions most commonly used. Use Get-Command with IAM, Admin, User, or Allow to get a comprehensive list of what's available.

Note: Your personal access settings determine what actions are available to you.

Base identifiers

You need your contract and group IDs to work with these commands. Additionally, you may need a common value for languages, locations, or time outs.

To get a list of Akamai service countries, see country_codes.