Refresh specific cached objects or remove all stale content on your edge servers by category with the PurgeCache command.

Category Parameter
Specific URL, no wildcards or directories -URLs
Cache tag -Tags
CP code -CPCode

Multiple elements in parameter values should be separated by a comma and surrounded by double quotes.

Your purge options using the -Method parameter are delete and inactivate on the needed network.


# Purge by specific URL
Clear-AkamaiCache -URLs -Method delete -Network PRODUCTION 
# Purge multiple, here URLs
Clear-AkamaiCache -URLs "," -Method delete -Network PRODUCTION
# Purge by cache tag
Clear-AkamaiCache -Tags -Method invalidate -Network staging
# Purge by CP code
Clear-AkamaiCache -CPCodes 12345 -Method invalidate -Network PRODUCTION 
httpStatus       : 201
detail           : Request accepted
supportId        : eius-exampleKG9WJH6BqeJeUe
purgeId          : eius-exampleKG9WJH6BqeJeUe
estimatedSeconds : 5