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​Akamai Multi-Factor Authentication​ (MFA) is a workforce multifactor authentication service that strengthens organizations' security postures by providing strong secondary authentication to cloud, on-premises, web-based, SaaS, and IaaS applications—in addition to the existing primary authentication, such as the identity provider (IdP) system.

​Akamai MFA​ leverages FIDO2 standards enabling users to authenticate securely to protected resources with the ​Akamai MFA​ mobile app that transforms existing smartphones into phone security keys.

It also empowers users by offering them a frictionless authentication process with the familiar experience of push notifications and many other secondary authentication methods.

​Akamai MFA​ integrates with other ​Akamai​ solutions such as Enterprise Application Access and Secure Internet Access Enterprise, providing a foundation for Zero Trust security.

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