Add PacketFence Gateway integration

The first step of the integration process takes place in the ​Akamai​ Enterprise Center, where you need to set up your PacketFence Gateway integration.
Follow these steps to generate your integration credentials necessary in the following steps.

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > Integrations.

  2. Click Add integration (+).

  3. In Integration Type, select PacketFence Gateway.

  4. In Name, enter a unique integration name.

  5. Click Save and Deploy.

    You’ve just generated your API Host, Integration ID, Verifying Key, and Signing Key. This data will be available for you on the integration page. Your integration credentials can be copied any time and used in the following steps to configure the integration with your VPN server.

Now, depending on the VPN equipment that you're using, follow one of these use cases:

PacketFence is a rich network access control (NAC) solution that supports a wide range of capabilities. For the purpose of this integration with ​Akamai MFA​, you’ll need to set up the following configurations:

  • Multi-factor Authentication where you set up your secondary authentication methods.
  • Authentication Sources where you configure your AD/LDAP data.
  • Connection Profile where you can define how PacketFence should handle the incoming connections.
  • Switches where you can define and configure your VPN equipment.