Apply the username normalization

With the username normalization setting enabled, you can allow different username variations— DOMAIN\username, username@domain, and username— to be matched with the same user record in ​Akamai MFA​.
Username normalization is disabled by default. You can enable it on the Integrations page on a per integration basis.

Follow these steps to configure username normalization for a selected integration.

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > Integrations.

  2. Navigate to the integration for which you want to configure the username normalization capability and click its name.

  3. On the integration configuration page, go to Username normalization.
    By default the username normalization is disabled.

  4. To enable, toggle on Username normalization.
    This displays the Domains field.

  5. In Domains, specify domain names to be used in username normalization.
    For example, enter and

  6. Click Save & Deploy.

You’ve just enabled username normalization for the provided domains. As a result, the usernames that correspond to these domains will resolve to the same user account.