View the Deployments History

Follow these steps to review and compare configuration changes deployed on the Policy page.

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > General Settings > Deployments History.
    The Deployments History page displays a list of deployed configuration changes.

  2. To sort the data in the deployments list, click the arrow in one of the following table headers: Deploy Time, Admin, or Comment. This allows you to display the content of the selected column either in alphabetical order or in ascending/descending order.

  3. To filter your deployments based on a predefined time range, click the calendar icon and select one of the following options:

    • Yesterday
    • This week
    • Last week
    • This month
    • Last month
    • This year
    • Last year
  4. To filter data by a specific date and time range, click the calendar icon, and follow these steps, when the calendar appears:
    a. Select the Start date and the End date of your time range.
    b. Next, enter the Start time and the End time in a 24-hour clock format.

  5. Click Apply to confirm the entered time range.

  6. To display detailed information about a particular deployment, in the Deployments History table, navigate to the row presenting the configuration changes that you want to view and click the side arrow.
    This expands the deployment panel and shows all edited policies.

  7. Click Compare Versions next to the policy that you want to review.
    This opens the Compare Versions panel.

  8. In Compare Versions, select two versions that you wish to compare. For example, select V1 and the current version in the provided drop-down menus, and click Compare.

  9. To display policy settings that changed, select Only changes. You can see the total number of differences between the two selected versions. To see all the policy settings for the selected two versions, deselect Only changes.
    You can now review all policy configuration changes that are different in the selected two versions. Each policy configuration section shows the number of differences deployed for this area.

  10. To collapse the Compare Versions panel click Close.