Configure your Remembered Devices policy

With the Remembered Devices policy, you can let users remember their trusted Windows workstation and bypass subsequent multi-factor authentication for a set period of time. This policy applies only to the RDP integration and requires version of the ​Akamai​ MFA Windows Logon plugin to be installed on the workstation. To define your remembered devices policy, configure the following settings:

Before you begin

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > Policies.
  2. On the Policies page, navigate to the policy that you want to edit and click the policy's name to display its settings.
    The policy configuration page displays.
  3. In the sidebar menu, select Remembered Devices to edit the policy settings.
  4. In the Remembered Devices area, enable Remembered Devices.
  5. In Remember a device for, set for how long a device should be remembered in minutes, hours, or days.


Devices can be remembered for a maximum of 7 days.

  1. Click Save & Deploy.
    This overwrites and saves your newly added remembered devices configuration.

Next time a user authenticates with ​Akamai​ MFA to access their Windows workstation, they can select Remember me for <duration> on the authentication prompt screen to skip subsequent MFA requests.