Self-enroll your phone

Enroll your phone in the ​Akamai MFA​ service. With this setup, you can use your phone to respond to authentication challenges and obtain access to protected apps.

  1. When you are redirected to ​Akamai MFA​, in the Set up Multi-factor Authentication dialog, click Enroll a Device.

  2. In Select a device to enroll, select Phone and click Next.

  3. In What kind of phone do you have?, select Other (only Text or Voice) and click Next.

  4. In Enter your phone number and we'll send you a verification code, select your country code and enter your phone number. Then, click either Text me to receive your verification code via a text message or Call me to receive your verification message via a voice message.

  5. In Enter the code we just sent you, enter the verification code you received, and click Verify.

    Now that you've enrolled your phone in ​Akamai MFA​, you can start using it to respond to authentication challenges.

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