Generate a bypass code

You can provide the user with a bypass code that enables them to temporarily skip ​Akamai MFA​.

The most typical use case for the bypass code usage is when the user wants to add a new device to the service while they don't have access to the existing authentication device.

In this situation, you can confirm the user's identity and provide them with the bypass code. With the bypass code, the user can authenticate, register a new device and recover access to the protected resources.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > Identity & Users > Users.

  2. On the Users page, navigate to the selected user and click the user's username.

    The user profile opens.

  3. Click Generate Bypass Code.

  4. In the Temporary Bypass Code dialog, provide the following data:

    1. Expiry Date. Enter the date and time through which the code remains valid.

    2. Use Limit. Enter the number of times the user can skip the secondary authentication by applying the bypass code. The user can reuse a particular bypass code up to 10 times.

  5. Click Generate.

  6. Click Done.
    You've just generated the bypass code that can be used by the user to authenticate and access the protected resources.