User statuses

On the Users page, you can display a summary panel that groups user accounts by their status. This lets you identify accounts that were blocked or users who still need to enroll in the service. You can also track and monitor users at different phases of the user's life cycle.

See the following definitions of user statuses:

  • Provisioned. Represents users who are newly added to the system, having no recorded activity. When a device is assigned to a Provisioned user through an administrative action, the user associated with that device isn't activated automatically; instead, they must take action themselves to become Active.

  • Active. Represents users who enrolled their trusted authentication devices in ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč or have authenticated recently. An Active user who hasn‚Äôt authenticated or enrolled a device in more than 30 days is marked as Inactive.

  • Inactive. Represents users who were at one point Active, but haven't authenticated or enrolled a device in more than 30 days. Inactive users have no additional restrictions on how they use the service - this status variant is a convenience to administrators to identify unused accounts. Simply performing an authentication or enrolling a device themselves will mark the user as Active again.

  • Blocked (Provisioning Disabled). Represents users whose accounts were imported from an external directory and are currently suspended by an automatic provisioning service. These users cannot use the supported authentication methods to authenticate.

  • Admin Disabled. Represents users whose accounts were disabled by the administrator. These users can't enroll new devices or use any authentication methods to authenticate.

  • Have Deactivated Devices. Represents users who unenrolled their mobile devices or had all their authentication devices deactivated by the admin. These users can't enroll new devices in the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč service without an admin explicitly deleting or re-activating the devices.

The statuses that indicate accounts are disabled take precedence over Provisioned, Active, and Inactive statuses.