Deploy Pending Changes

Follow these steps to deploy pending configuration changes.

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > Policies.
  2. On the Policy configuration page, click Pending Changes.
    This expands the Pending Changes panel and presents you with the MFA Policies list.
  3. Review the changes. Click the View hyperlink next to a particular policy name to navigate to the configuration page of this policy and review its detailed settings. For example, click View next to your Global policy and check the changes submitted by you or another administrator.
  4. Select the specific changes that you want to deploy. You can also multi-select pending changes to deploy more policy updates.
  5. Click Deploy.
  6. In the Deploy Confirmation dialog, enter your comments to describe the changes included in the deployment and click Deploy.
    A progress bar in the Pending Changes window shows when the process is complete.