Unassign a hardware token from a user

You can unassign a hardware token from a user. This procedure returns it to the list of available tokens that may be assigned to another user.


Distinction between deleting and unassigning hardware tokens

Deleting and unassigning hardware tokens have distinct outcomes. To ensure efficient token management, see the information below.

  • When you unassign () a hardware token, it's removed from its current user but remains available in the system. This action is appropriate if you intend to reassign the token to a different user. After unassigning, the token returns to the pool of available tokens.
  • When you delete () a hardware token, it's permanently removed from the system. Once a token is deleted, it becomes unrecoverable and cannot be reassigned. You may want to delete a token when it's lost, stolen, or broken, and shouldn't be in the system anymore.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > Identity & Users > Users.

  2. On the Users page, navigate to the user account that you want to unassign a hardware token from and click its username.

    The user profile opens.

  3. On the list of devices, find the hardware token that you want to unassign and click Unassign Hardware Token .

    The Unassign Hardware Token dialog displays.

  4. Click Yes to unassign the token.

    You've just unassigned the hardware token from the user.

The token returned to the list of available tokens and may be reassigned.

Next steps

See Assign a hardware token to a user to learn how to reassign your hardware token to another user.