​Akamai MFA​ provides you with different capabilities to collect and analyze the users' access logs.
Apart from the Authentication event reports offered by Enterprise Center, you can also extract and view the ​Akamai MFA​ security events data using the Unified Log Streamer (ULS) tool, common-line interface (CLI), or the Splunk app.

The following table presents available solutions to access and consume the ​Akamai MFA​ authentication events.

​Akamai​ Unified Log Streamer (ULS)Stream authentication events into any on-premises, cloud SIEM, or flat file for further processing and storage.
​Akamai MFA​ CLI (cli-mfa)Fetch authentication events by date range or near-real-time. This solution is perfect for an ad hoc investigation or integration with third-party tools supporting a command-line interface.
​Akamai MFA​ Splunk appCollect and monitor authentication events in your Splunk Enterprise environment.