Use your third-party OTP device

If your organization enabled third-party authenticators as one of the allowed secondary authentication methods and you enrolled your third-party OTP device in ​Akamai MFA​, you can use it to authenticate to your enterprise applications.

OTP stands for one-time passcode. With this authentication method, you can use 6-digit passcodes that are randomly generated and sent to your enrolled mobile device to authenticate to the protected applications.

Before you begin

How to

  1. In the authentication prompt, select the One-time Code by clicking Use a Passcode.

  2. Go to your account in the ​third-party authenticator’s​ mobile app on your enrolled device to check the passcode.


Each passcode has a timer that shows the time left to input the code into the authentication prompt.

  1. In the authentication prompt, enter the passcode and click Submit Code.

  2. ​Akamai MFA​ displays a confirmation message and redirects you to the required enterprise app.