Use a magic link (via SMS)

Before you begin

Self-enroll your smartphone.

A magic link is a variant of the text message OTP (one-time passcode) that requires no client software to be installed on your mobile device. This authentication method provides you with the verification link via a text message and the authentication experience that simulates a push notification.

When you try to open an enterprise application, you're prompted to select the secondary authentication method. Select a Magic Link and the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč service sends a text message with the link to your enrolled device. Click the link, which transfers you to a generated web page with the details of the secondary login request. Review the request and tap Allow to authenticate and access the required enterprise application.

How to

  1. In the authentication prompt, select the Magic Link by clicking Text me a link.

    You receive a text message with the verification link on your enrolled smartphone.

  2. Open the message and click the link.

    The authentication request displays in your device's browser.

  3. In the Authentication request, tap Allow to confirm that the login is legitimate.

  4. ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč displays a confirmation message and redirects you to the required enterprise app.