Self-enroll in Akamai MFA

Before you start using ​Akamai MFA​ on a regular basis, you have to self-enroll and enable your trusted mobile device for authentication purposes.
There are two scenarios describing the way you can self-enroll.

  • Email enrollment.
    You receive an email that includes your unique enrollment link. With the email, you can enroll as long as the link remains valid, which is typically five days but may be modified by your IT team.
    Click your enrollment link and follow the on-screen instructions to enroll your trusted device in the ​Akamai MFA​ service.


To prevent enrollment emails from being blocked or sent to spam, make sure the <<MFA_DOMAIN>> domain is allowed/trusted inside your organization and email client.

  • In-line enrollment.
    After your organization implements ​Akamai MFA​, at your first login to corporate apps, you're redirected to the secondary authentication service.

    In the authentication prompt that displays on your screen, click Enroll a Device and follow on-screen instructions to enroll your trusted device in ​Akamai MFA​.

After you finish the self-enrollment process, you receive the first authentication challenge that asks you to confirm your identity. At this point, you start authenticating with MFA on a regular basis.

Depending on the authentication device that you wish to enroll, you can follow one of these instructions:


As your organization may enable only some of the supported devices and authentication methods, note that your actual enrollment steps can differ from those described in the below procedures.