Upload a csv file

Follow this procedure to add multiple user accounts by uploading a comma-separated values (csv) file.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Multi-factor Authentication > Identity & Users > Users.

  2. Click Upload users.
    The Upload users dialog displays steps to follow to add new user accounts.

  3. In Step 1, click Download to download the csv file template on your computer.

  4. Use the downloaded template to create your csv file with user data. The csv file needs to meet these requirements:

    • Has to be correctly formatted: csv utf-8 and of maximum 1 MB size.
    • Has to contain a header row with these column titles: email, firstName, lastName, and username, group, and alias.
    • Can contain entries that include spaces, numbers, and punctuation.
  5. Each row in the file corresponds to a new user account. For each new user, enter their email, firstName, lastName, username, group, and alias.


    The group that you indicate in the group column needs to be the same for all user accounts in a given csv file.

  6. Save the file on your computer.

  7. In the Upload users dialog, go to Step 3, Select the csv file, and do the following:
    a. Search for your file.
    b. Select your file and click Open.
    c. Click Upload.


You can upload one csv file at a time.

Depending on the results of the upload process, you can see one of these banners:

  • Successfully uploaded all user accounts. This message displays when all new user accounts are added to the service.
  • Upload failed for ‚Ķ out of ‚Ķ user accounts. See the downloaded csv file for details. This message displays when a particular user account isn't added to the service. This may happen as the data that you indicated in your csv file contains errors or already exists. Check the downloaded error file to find problematic entries.