Manage users and devices

With the Users page, you can view a list of user accounts configured for your organization. This includes two types of user data:

  • User accounts that were added using the SCIM automated provisioning, for example, by synchronizing the Okta or Microsoft Azure directories

  • User accounts that were created manually

The Users list allows you to switch to the user profile by clicking the selected username displayed in the Username column. With the user profile, you can view, assign or edit the user's permissions, registered authentication devices, and groups they belong to.

Use the menu provided on the top of the page to perform any of these user actions:

  • Search for users. See search and filter user list.

  • Perform bulk actions that let you send emails, associate, and dissociate policies in bulk. See send bulk emails to users, associate policies, edit a policy association.

  • Add a new user manually. See add a user account manually.

  • Upload a csv file that lets you import new user accounts to the service. See upload a csv file.

  • Click Download CSV to get the file with the list of user accounts configured in your ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč service. The csv file provides you with the user information displayed on the User‚Äôs page and the following additional details: the lock status of the user account, the user device‚Äôs ID, platform and type.


The Download CSV feature has a limit of 2000 items per file. You can search and filter users in the list to make sure you don't exceed that number.

  • Display the administrator's webhelp.

  • View the users summary panel with statistics per user status. Provides you with an overview of the users‚Äô population, users' total number, and a number of users who have different statuses in the service.

  • Display a brief description of the Users page.