Deploy configuration changes

To manage your configuration changes, use the following ​Akamai MFA​ capabilities:

  • Review the list of your existing deployments and compare deployed configurations. Deployments are the configuration changes that you implemented by clicking Save and Deploy.

  • Review and deploy updates that are still pending. If a particular change is pending it means it was saved by clicking Save.

To deploy configurations changes, you need one of these roles:

  • Pre-configured admin role.
  • Enterprise MFA Policy Manager role.

With Deployments History, you can track Policy configuration changes deployed by you or other administrators within the last 30 days.

Every time you deploy or redeploy a policy by clicking the **Save and Deploy button, you create its new version. You can then review the existing versions in Deployments History where you can find the following details:

  • Deploy Time. Displays the date and time when a particular configuration change was deployed.
  • Admin. Displays the username of the admin who deployed a particular configuration change.
  • Comment. Displays comments added by the administrator who deployed a particular configuration change.

The Deployments History page lets you sort the deployments' list content and compare configuration settings between different versions.

If after adding a new or updating an existing policy you clicked Save instead of Save and Deploy, then all corresponding configuration changes don't propagate in the ​Akamai MFA​ network.

The Pending Changes capability lets you review and deploy configuration changes that haven't been deployed since the last deploy operation took place.

When deploying your pending changes, you’re presented with the Deploy Confirmation dialog where you need to add comments on the deployed changes. This information will help other administrators to easily track the implemented changes.


If on your contract you have other ​Akamai​ Enterprise products such as EAA or ETP, you can also see pending changes corresponding to these services.