Delete an enrolled device

You can delete your enrolled authentication device and replace it with a new one.


You can delete a device only if you have more than one device on your account. If you have only one enrolled device, first you have to add a new device to your account. This prevents you from locking yourself out of the account.

  1. In the authentication prompt, click My Devices.

  2. Confirm your identity using the allowed second factors on your enrolled mobile device. For example, click Use Security Key and confirm your identity using this authentication method.

    Just after completing the secondary authentication, the Manage My Devices page displays. The settings dialog displays cards with your enrolled authentication devices.

  3. Click the Delete icon next to the device that you want to remove.

  4. Click OK to confirm.


You've just removed the selected device from your ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč authentication devices.