Enable automatic challenge

In Manage My Devices, you can set authentication challenge to be sent automatically to your last used authentication device. With this setting enabled, you're going to receive authentication requests immediately after you complete the primary authentication. This shortens significantly the secondary verification process and provides you with a frictionless authentication experience.

  1. In the authentication prompt, click My Devices.

  2. Confirm your identity using the enabled second factors on your enrolled device. For example, click Send me a Push and use this authentication method to confirm your identity.

    After completing the secondary authentication, the Manage My Devices page displays. The settings dialog contains your enrolled authentication devices.

  3. To enable automatic challenge, toggle Automatically challenge my last used authentication factor.


Next time when you attempt to access the protected application, ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč automatically sends a push notification to your last successfully used authentication device.


TOTP/HOTP and browser-extension based factors don't currently support automatic challenges.

  1. Click Back to Login.

    You receive an automatic push notification on your last used authentication device.

  2. To confirm your identity, go to your mobile device and tap Allow.