Set your default device

If you enabled several devices in ​Akamai MFA​, you can set one of them as your default authentication device. With this setting, once you select a secondary verification method on the authentication prompt, you receive a challenge on your default device. You can edit default settings at any moment by configuring another device as your new default one.

  1. In the authentication prompt, click My Devices.

  2. Confirm your identity using the allowed second factors on your enrolled mobile device. For example, click Send me a Push and confirm your identity using this authentication method.

    Just after completing the secondary authentication, the Manage My Devices page displays. The settings dialog contains your enrolled authentication devices.

  3. To set your default authentication device, click the Set as Default star icon next to your selected device.


    You've just set your default authentication device.

  4. Click Back to Login. ​Akamai MFA​ displays your default authentication device.