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‚ÄčSecure Internet Access Enterprise‚Äč (‚ÄčSIA‚Äč) is a cloud-based, targeted threat protection solution that safeguards your organization from DNS and web-based threats, enforces authentication and acceptable use policies, and audits user Internet access.

With ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč, you can:

  • Inspect DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS traffic for threats.
  • Block malicious domains and URLs.
  • Identify compromised devices in your network.
  • Use a client to extend ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč protection to devices that are on or off the corporate network.
  • Customize a dashboard with widgets to track events and network activity.
  • Control access to websites, web applications, sensitive data, and specific file types.
  • Allow or block specific applications or application operations.
  • Enforce web-based user authentication policies.
  • Perform inline and offline payload analysis.
  • Report all user activities for DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS traffic.
  • Investigate detected threats.
  • Protect against malware, ransomware downloads, and zero-day phishing attacks.
  • Detect command and control calls.
  • Encrypt DNS queries with DoT or DoH.
  • Perform Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) validation to authenticate DNS responses.

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